Craft Cocktails-Ballyhoo

For the second installment of our craft cocktail series I chose a heavy hitter. Ballyhoo is one of my favorite places to grab a drink, the menu is so simple and the bartenders so skilled. They offer all the classics like an  Old Fashioned or a sidecar, but they also have jam sessions, pick a […]

Craft Cocktails- Winfields Pub Part II

The second drink employed some slightly more advanced techniques but is well worth it. It is a variation on the pink lady using lockhouse gin another local product. We choose to name this one Great Dame. This drink was more of a dessert type cocktail with a little tiki twist. Julie was scared that she […]

Craft Cocktails-Winfields Pub

Craft cocktails and the culture associated with them are exploding everywhere. The Buffalo area is no exception and in an effort to bring the home mixologist closer to the pros behind the bar we are creating a craft cocktail series where we explore the process of making cocktails and have some great drinks along the […]

Rose Sangria

I made this Sangria for a party last weekend, after writing my original post on Roses, and it was a huge hit. Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I did. Recipe adapted from a food network recipe by Bobby Flay. Rose Sangria Prep Time 20Minutes Passive Time 12-48Hours Prep Time 20Minutes Passive Time 12-48Hours Ingredients 2750mL […]

Bourbons Abound

The liquor and wine industry is largely about trends and riding waves of popularity.  One of the most recent trendy spirits is Bourbon. While Bourbons have been around for quite some time, mostly produced in Kentucky. The newest craze in the world of bourbon is the small batch style in which craft distilleries release their […]

Rosés of Summer

One of the most common misconceptions when people come into the store is that Rosés are always sweet, and white zinfandel is to blame.  I’m not trying to give white zinfandel a bad rap it, like all wines, has its place. However, it has taken away from the Rosé market in my opinion as there are […]

Rye all about it

While bourbons remain popular rye whiskeys are on the upswing. Rye whiskeys are spicier than their bourbon counterparts and have less sweetness which, in my opinion, makes them much more interesting in cocktails. To be considered an american rye the whiskey must be composed of at least 51% rye grains and aged in charred new oak barrels. […]