Craft Cocktails- Winfields Pub Part II

The second drink employed some slightly more advanced techniques but is well worth it. It is a variation on the pink lady using lockhouse gin another local product. We choose to name this one Great Dame.


Great Dame
Servings Prep Time
1Drink 5Minutes
Servings Prep Time
1Drink 5Minutes
  1. Separate the white from the yolk and shake the egg white vigorously first
  2. Add Ice and all remaining liquid ingredients shake until very cold. This will help ensure you produce the correct foam
  3. Sprinkle cinnamon on top and swirl it using the orange peel, then garnish with orange peel.
  4. Enjoy

This drink was more of a dessert type cocktail with a little tiki twist. Julie was scared that she wouldn’t like egg white in a drink but her fears turned out to be unfounded as it added a nice foamy element to the cocktail and was her preferred drink of the two. The pineapple played nicely with the other ingredients in the cocktail and was a fitting tribute to the tiki inspiration. Thomas liked this drink so much that he is considering adding it full time to the cocktail menu. He is also using it in a demonstration that he will be giving at Buffalo wing fest on Sunday September 6th at 5pm, so check him out there and grab some wings while you are at it


Overall I would say our first joint outing into the cocktail creation process was a success, and I hope you enjoy the drinks as much as we did. The drinks will be featured on Winfields menu at least through September and all ingredients included will be on sale at cavalier during that time as well, just mention this post or that you tried the drink to receive the discount.

Look for future posts from Winfields and other bars as well as a tips from the home bar basics post that will help you setup your home bar the right way.




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